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Our Beginnings

BrightRobin began with the aspiration of two education software architects to create the best method in learning mathematics and languages. Equipped with more than 20 years of experience in developing computer-based learning programmes and related technologies, John Lim and Wei Lii Tan led their team of educational experts and software engineers to develop The BrightRobin Programme that combines the best of traditional learning method and the latest learning technologies.

The world has changed tremendously in the past 50 years. We are now living in a connected world. As parents, we should provide our children the means to leverage technology and make the best use of them to achieve success in the classroom and in life. The BrightRobin Programme makes use of the latest technologies to make learning fun, and at the same time train the children to become self-motivated in learning.

Education Technology

Experience advanced classroom collaboration, big data analysis, adaptive learning, unlimited questions generator, and many more

BrightRobin is a technology company focuses in the research and development of education technology, artificial intelligence, classroom delivery software and adaptive learning contents.

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Behind The Scene


You can enroll your child through our website, http://brightrobin.ae/ or even call us at ....

Our system generates customized lesson plans as per child's requirements, so if the child finds certain lessons challenging, at BrightRobin, we assign multiple activities under the same topic so the child can get familiar with

Our sessions are of 1 hour tab time and half an hour of paper work

Once a week, during weekdays and weekends between...... and classes can be scheduled around our session times

At BrightRobin sessions are done through the tab for an hour allowing the child to attempt over 500 questions which they aren't capable of doing at school, this way, the child attempts so many questions of what challenges in a short time, with that, our half an hour paper work supports the activities done through the tab on that day

Students are awarded with stars and diamonds. Each child is evaluated on their speed of attempting the correct answer and the knowledge and accuracy of attempting it. Our program has a real-time HIGH SCORE BOARD awarding system that evaluates performance of students throughout our centers worldwide allowing the best to reach the high score board displayed on the device, this way the children are motivated to increase their speed and thereby unconsciously increasing their accuracy on the subject

We follow a multi syllabi programme at Bright Robin which includes the Cambridge, Edexcel and Singaporean syllabus

That's our UNIQUENESS, with the constant advancement in technology along with education, we at BrightRobin offer this application in order to win over the child's mind in one of the most challenging subject like mathematics. Through this gamified system, we are able to get through the child's difficulty in understanding the subject, through their mode of interest

Maximum of 12 students per class

Philosophy & Aspirations

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Working towards great results with the least amount of effort

High efficiency, or producing the greatest results in the shortest possible amount of time, is a fundamental idea of our Method. With BrightRobin learning efficiency, allows us to achieve goals than if we were to try to include all the contents that is covered in a school curriculum.

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BrightRobin shares a dream and common goals for the future of tomorrow. We wish to create awareness towards ‘Global Peace’ by developing the mindsets to our younger generations in forms of Inspiration with practical guidance. We are moving towards reality by helping others to better themselves through individualised education.

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