Self Learning

Inspire the Art of Learning

How we guide students to be self-motivated

The concept of self-learning can improve self-confidence with the guidance of a BrightRobin Tutor and our Hybrid AI concept platform. BrightRobin students were helped this way were taught in many forms of techniques to reach senior high school level mathematics very confidentially.

For children to make progress, it is more effective to meet their desire to grow rather than for adults to force them by cramming everything into their heads. There is a limit to how much you can force a child to study but the potential for growth through self-learning is endless. Most children intrinsically want to develop their abilities and they all have the potential to do so. Responding to these desires, thus helping them grow without limits, not only makes the children and their parents happy but is essential for the future ahead.

Children’s own desire to grow is precisely what informs self-learning methodology. Instructors do not teach students in a uniform manner. Instead, examples, explanations and hints are provided in the platform and worksheets. Students learn from these examples and attempt the questions on their own, under the guidance of the instructor, who assists the students when necessary.

As students grow at BrightRobin, their abilities grow as well with time, they will be able to study independently. With students learning independently it is then possible for every child to progress as fast as they can at their own pace. This way, students are not held back because of age or level of understanding, or even pushed to advance without having fully understood the concepts just to keep up with the rest of the class. Instead, they advance only when they are ready.

We believe at BrightRobin, there is an ideal platform for all students who want to be inspired and develop their skills with their own personalised programs to gain confidence and independence at the same time

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