Our Program

Inspire the Art of Learning

Artificial Intelligence

Adaptive Lessons

BrightRobin AI system will suggest the personalized lessons for students based on their past learning records, so that the lessons will fit their level of understanding perfectly.

Predictive Performance

BrightRobin AI system can predict where students are heading to base on their learning progress and suggest corrective path for students to achieve better learning outcome.

Big Data Analysis

Based on more than 10 years of detail study records collected during the interactive lessons, BrightRobin able to keep improving the learning contents to help students improve the areas where most students are most likely to struggle at.

Remote Control

BrightRobin enables tutors to have full control over what students see on their screen in the classroom. Tutors can monitor all students in Realtime and understand how the students’ progress.

Personalized Lessons

Tutors can assign different lesson plans to all students at the same time, so that every student can have the personalized lesson that suit them best.

Adaptive Learning

BrightRobin has a unique feature and a hybrid development learning platform. We at BrightRobin have provided features in forms of technology using old traditional methods converting to modern technology guiding students from all over the World. BrightRobin provides the art of multiple techniques with motivational skills gaining independence and self-confidence to students have the interest to improve on subject programs in Math and English.

Personalized Lessons

BrightRobin AI system will analyse study records and suggest suitable lesson plans for students.

On -the-fly Planning

Tutors can adapt the lessons on-the-fly easily based on students' performance and suggestions by the AI system.

Mastery Analysis

BrightRobin Mastery Analysis help tutors to understand students' mastery levels in detail for effective lesson planning.

Progress Report

Analyses every lesson in detail on progress of improvement and weakness of each student.